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Book and Course Launch

The Branding oppportunity

Shelyna was transitioning from her career as a judge to that of a coach, after authoring her book, Preside. She needed a brand to launch her new business of writing, coaching, speaking, and delivering a digital course.

Action Plan

After going through our discovery process we determined that her Verbal & Visual Brand Strategy would include expanding her book title and core message into the foundational theme of her brand.

Together we developed her:

Verbal Story

• Ideal Client
• Vision Statement
• Mission Statement
• Brand Statement
• Tone and Voice
• "My Story"

Visual Story

• Logo
• Color Palette
• Fonts
• Iconography Style
• Photography Style

Shelyna's Ideal Client Persona

Maya was raised in a traditional faith-based family and community. She is in her late 30’s, and is well-educated with an MBA. She has excelled in her career and has worked her way up to be the youngest executive at her company. She is faithful to her church and spends much of her free time and resources there. She consistently struggles with her relationships, as well as her weight.  Maya is open to learning and growing but rejects anything that she deems is not biblical. She has several limiting beliefs around what she can or can’t do, have or become, often feeling helpless, because she believes everything she has (or doesn’t have) is God’s will and she is powerless to change it.

Shelyna's Brand Statement

I guide accomplished women of faith from being simply Spectators of their lives to being empowered Stewards through Preside: my step-by-step process of designing and directing every area of life to create freedom and abundance

The Brand In Action

Once all the essential and foundational elements of the Preside with Shelyna brand were created, it was time to put them in a digital environment — her website!

Action Plan

We realized it was neccessary that the website not only tell her story, but also present her four key services of writing, speaking, coaching, and teaching a digital course, even though some of those services were still in development.

Home Page

About Page

Book Page

Coaching Page

Course Page

Speaking Page

“You are AMAZING!  I am over the moon with what you have created for me. I feel like I can conquer the world! Thank you!”


Shelyna Brown  |  Founder of Preside With Shelyna  |  San Francisco, CA

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